The story of Torsten (according to his colleagues)

Torsten at work ....
He finished a course at the Computer Communication College (in ´99) learning among other programs, AutoCAD14, where he finished with excellent marks. He has started work for a company here in Germany, consulting engineering and architectural firms in the application of Autodesk programs, including AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD LT 2000i, Architectural Desktop, BauCaD*K+R*, ACAD-BAU, ProStahl 3D, ProLignum 3D and for Visualisation 3D Studio VIZ and AccuRender for a AutoCAD-Dealer near Hamburg. After 1,5 years he changed to another company, also an Authorized AutoCAD-Dealer, where he worked as an Sales-Officer. But this was not the real thing for him, so he dropped this job after 1 year too. But this would be at least the best decision, because he worked than with all AutoCAD Releases, 3D-Visualisation programs, Macintosh and Windows-application in Hamburg as an IT-Administrator for a very world famous architect (GMP: v.Gerkan, Marg und Partner).
And this should be not all for him. He was searching for more and more knowledge! Since 2006 he was working for CAPABLE Technologies GmbH an IT-consulting company in Hamburg as a CAD/PDM Consultant how delivers consulting and training around process methods and tools mainly for the aircraft manufacture “AIRBUS”. So he use and transfers his knowledge which he got during the years at CAPABLE Technologies to train and support people which are from all over the World. These trainings and consulting topics are based on the knowledge about process and method and tools mainly for the end to end engineering departments for the old and new aircraft programs. These are A320 Family (single Aisle), A340 Family (Wide Body), A380 (Double-Deck), A400M (Military) and also for the A350xwb (Extra Wide Body). So he delivers very high skilled consulting and trainings for different departments like Configuration Management Faculty (CMF), Airframe Faculty (AF) and Systems Faculty (SF).
Basically, it is just a part of his daily work. He was also the Deputy Managing Director including Department Manager IT of CAPABLE Technologies GmbH, were he manage a lot of important things around the daily business of that company. During this time he also finished a project management course according the IPMA standard!
Now, so since 2015 he is working for NET AG system integration as an Project Manager for PLM implementations. and of course he is still performing the aerospace trainings and also the aerospace consulting at “AIRBUS”.
During this new scope in the daily working environment, Torsten got some new skills around Windchill, the PTC PDM/PLM solution. Right now he is a certified in/as Windchill Runtime Technologies (since 2016) and Windchill CAD Integration and Vizualisation Track (since 2017)! So you see, he is every hour, each day, the whole year, in action to get more and more knowledge.
I think: He wants to be an expert, and he is!

Just have a look at: NET AG system integration (a part of NET Group)



Those were the days.

...Torsten by Torsten:
Meine Freunde behaupten ich sei sehr genau, aber Ich denke es ist eine Ansichtssache. Ich mache fast alles so "ziemlich" genau aber nicht so wie Sie sagen oder besser denken! Ich liebe Herausforderungen und irgendwie werden sie dann auch bewältigt, wenn auch nicht immer so wie ich zuerst gedacht habe. Ich bin der Meinung, daß es für jede Herausforderung und jede andere Schwierigkeit eine Antwort oder eine Lösung gibt.
Aber eigentlich bin ich ein komischer Vogel der ab und zu die dämlichsten Dinger baut. (Ich bin auch nur ein Mensch)